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About Nadir

Nadir Color Industries was founded in 1990 and from its beginning, it became a leader in the production and marketing of high-quality decorative paints and materials. Throughout the years, Nadir has been a pioneer in the paints and coatings field. Both the emphasis on innovation together with responses received from satisfied customers have ensured our position as a market leader both in Israel and worldwide.

Since the Company’s beginning, we have successfully helped customers achieve their goals and have dealt with challenging projects based on our advanced and customized production methods. Nadir’s ability to respond to changing business environment while dealing with all aspects of business through initiative and innovation have positioned the company among the top paint manufacturers in the world. Since 2013 Nadir exclusively imports and distributes the decorative concrete system of Flex-C-Ment by DBS Ltd. The system was developed in the USA over 25 years ago and offers a wide variety of modern and classical application options, both indoors and outdoors for almost any existing surface.

NADIR'S PRODUCTS: Colored plaster of different types: acrylic, silicone, mineral, etc. Acrylic colors for both interior and exterior applications Additives intended for decorative concrete floors and colored mineral coatings for floors Eco-line − products based on environmentally friendly materials Infrastructure products Primers, sealants and more…