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What our costumers say:

A.M. Eden Construction- Arie Maymon

I’ve been doing business with Nadir since 1995. I am very happy and I highly recommend Nadir. The people in the company are great. The product is of unparalleled quality. The service is excellent, courteous and reliable. Everything you want from a product’s service and quality.

Alon Levi

We have been working for Nadir for over two decades, and throughout this time they have always been our favorite supplier for colored plaster. They are attentive to the costumer needs when it comes to shades, always on time for supply, and the service is great for any question or problem you may have. We definitely get great value!

Roni Familia

I have been working with Nadir for 30 years, and was never disappointing. The materials are great and the service is courteous and fast. It’s an excellent company. When it comes to paint, these are the best in the country.


Yair Shagan

I have been working with Nadir for over 15 years and there are no words to describe the level of quality and the materials. They are always available for any question or problem.  It’s all done in the best possible way.

Eyal Ofek

Eyal Ofek Ltd. has been using Nadir’s products since 2006. We are very happy with how the materials behave and it’s durability over time. The colors don’t fade, and you can see houses a few years later- with no discoloration, fading or physical deterioration. Also, you can see the flexibility which bridges through cracks. Nadir employs professional and courteous sales and service personal.

Ronit Haklai - Engineer

"Designed villa in Herzliya Pituach. Extensive use of rare products inside and outside Designed villa in Herzliya Pituach. Extensive use of rare products from inside and outside, designed in Herzliya Pituach. The widespread use of rare products from inside and outside is designed in it. "