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Veneciano – Decorative mineral coating


Veneciano is an especially smooth mineral coating, with an elegant glazed look and a natural gloss. Veneciano is used as a decorative especially smooth mineral coating with a glazed appearance and a natural shine, applied in two coats. Veneciano has an especially high rate of coverage; its application is easy, convenient and quick.


  • Pit lime-based; breathable.
  •   Easy smoothing and polishing.
  •  Applied in two coats.
  •  Various degrees gloss.
  •  Excellent adhesion.
  •  Ready for use, designed for interior use.
  •  Non-toxic and easy to use.



Roni Meshulam
Renovations contractor:

" Kurchery plaster, convenient to do and gives the feeling of a country house, saves the enjoyment of stone use and is easy to carry out. "

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